The Odiseja Recording Studio is the perfect place to record music. Having an acoustically versatile and precise room, a wide range of microphones, preamps and silver cables helps, but 35 years of experience in recording musical instruments help us to solve problems at the source. Firstly choosing the perfect instrument! We will gladly provide you with guitar/bass/drums (or basically anything else) that is required. Next on the priority list is careful microphone placement, planned recording techniques and chains that will allow us to record your part exactly as it should sound in the mix. Come and hear for yourself!

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Most modern studios are usually equipped with digital gear. The difference in today’s world make those who are capable of combining analogue and digital technology, utilizing the best of both worlds. Odiseja Recording Studio is one such place.

Besides having the most popular DAW’s in today’s world (Pro tools, Cubase/Nuendo, Studio One), sets of the best industry standard microphones (Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser, Oktava etc.), high-end amplification (Avalon), ultraprecise monitoring (Genelec), your recording will also sound better due to Wireworld wiring and Isotec power conditioning (courtesy of Persej Audio/M-kabl).  Because sound matters!